Additional Services

At Bagnall Builders, we love working with our customers on their unique projects and renovations. Whether you’re a homeowner with a bright idea to update your existing home or a contractor with a unique window request, we have the skills and materials to make your vision a reality. Browse our list of additional services, or reach out to us with a custom estimate.

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Sunrooms & Three-Season Porches

Looking to add a sunroom to your home? Sunrooms and three-season porches make a great addition to your home that increases your square footage and allows you to enjoy the view from your house all year long. Our skilled, detail-oriented installers will work with you to determine your project’s exact needs, measure and order custom windows and screens from our suppliers, and efficiently install them into your home.

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Custom Projects

Bagnall Builders has the knowledge backed by years of experience that can help you complete any custom window or screen project you have in mind. Our team of installers offers dedicated, personalized service to ensure your project is completed quickly and to the highest standards. We strive to keep our prices transparent so your custom project remains affordable. Reach out to us with your unique ideas, and we’ll set up a time to go over the details and provide you with an estimate.

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